Fagradalsfjall Volcano Video w/Additional Footage

Fagradalsfjall Volcano – Iceland – 11 Sep 2021 w/Additional Footage

New version of the video, including drone footage by Philipp Richter und “Lava Geysir” close-ups by Adam Engel. Used with permission, thanks, guys.

Vimeo video @ 720p, higher full HD resolution @ 1080p posted to my YouTube channel.

Fagradalsfjall Volcano Eruption

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Fagradalsfjall Volcano Eruption #1

A trip to Iceland in September, with high hopes to see the Fagradalsfjall volcano in action. At first a bit disappointed, because activities stopped just before we arrived, we were lucky on the last but one day and the fourth hike into the volcano area. A splendid display of lava fountains and flows from the late afternoon into the night. More images/videos to come!

Jupiter 2021-08-18 20:30 UT

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Jupiter 2021-08-18 20:30 UT

Dank Thomas Winterers freundlicher Genehmigung, seine Daten vom August auf der IAS Sternwarte Hakos, Namibia für eine eigene Bearbeitung zu nutzen, kann ich dann auch wieder den König der Planeten fast zur Opposition (20.08.2021) mit den bis jetzt besten Details hier im Blog präsentieren.

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NGC 6888 – Crescent Nebula – Ha

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NGC 6888 – Crescent Nebula – Jul 2021 – Ha BW

Still a work in progress, mastering the QHY268M with the Optolong LRGBSHO filter set. Seems like a setup with reserved filters is required for the Esprit 100 ED with the original flattener, in order to avoid strange reflections from bright stars such as Deneb or Sadr. Shooting a familiar target here.

Technical details at Astrobin.

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